Elizabeth Robinson - Rollercoaster CounsellingAbout me

I have a wide and considerable range of experience gained over many years of working and training with in a variety of organisations such as NHS General Practice, Bradford Rape Crisis, Behind Closed Doors, Versa Counselling Service, Wheatfields Hospice and in Private Practice. I have worked with clients from a variety of different backgrounds and across a broad range of presenting issues like: depression, abuse, stress, anger management, loss, compulsive disorders, bereavement confidence and anxiety.

My Philosophy:-

I believe every human being is unique, they have an ability to change, feel whole and fully develop his/her potential for life. It can sometimes be hard to know who we are with the negative demands made upon us to conform. The counselling relationship will provide an environment in which you can gain understanding, clarity and choice.

Counselling Model:-

I am a Person Centred Counsellor. This type of therapy concentrates on the here and now, and encourages you to think in the present time. It recognises, values and encourages self expression, self–awareness, and self development.

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